Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Lil' Baby's Rump is so Happy to be using Cloth Diapers from Katnappies!

I've met some wonderful people being a part of the EtsyClothDiapers Street Team and I've been having a lot of fun checking out their shops that are stocked full of cloth diapering goodness that I find so hard to resist for my little daughter! I would like to take a moment to feature one of those lovely Etsy sellers that has provided me with excellent customer service and an outstanding cloth diapering product.

I'm a prefold and wool cover kinda gal but I wanted some AIOs to use for when my lil' one and I are on the go. I figured AIOs would be easier to use as I try and change my wiggly little girl in some random restaurant bathroom. While doing an Etsy search (Cloth Diapers NOT burp NOT bags...don't get me started about how everyone uses the cloth diaper tag on things they shouldn't!) I came across Katnappie's shop.

I fell in love with these monkey themed diapers and just had to snatch them right up! When I received them in the mail only a few days later I was absolutely floored at how well made they are--I had to immediately go back to her store and buy another set!

I was also talking to another Etsian, CustomCrosses, about these great AIO cloth diapers and she said, "I got two of the most beautiful diapers in the world today...They are so sweet I don't want any poop in them, lol!"
Cloth diapering is great for the environment, better on the pocketbook than disposables, good for baby's lil' rump, and sellers like Katnappies are making it fun and stylish too!

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