Friday, April 11, 2008

JOYful Longies!

We just got our second pair of wool longies from BundlesofJoy, and we love them so much! They are well-made from recycled sweaters, and are amazingly soft! Since a picture of longies laying flat isn't nearly as interesting as a picture of them in use, we thought we'd share one of the latter!

Wool longies absorb moisture, keeping baby dry, yet also hold onto it, keeping everybody else dry too! The natural fibers breathe while still keeping the little one warm, and with soft fibers like lambswool and merino, wool has never been so comfortable to wear! So visit the shop and find something perfect for your Bundle of Joy. This will not be our last purchase there!

BundlesofJoy also carries wool shorties and a variety of PUL covers and fitted diapers.

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