Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Nights Deluxe Nighttime Fitted Diaper

My little one is a heavy nighttime wetter, and after many mornings of soaked clothing and bedding I got tired of it. Finally I developed this diaper!

It has 5 layers of microfiber (3 is enough for a typical AIO), and also has a microfleece liner to keep the little one dry all night. The doubler is sewn across the back, so the diaper is all one piece and easy to use; but the doubler is free in front, so it comes loose to get clean in the wash and dry quickly.

I recommend pairing this diaper with a wool cover for ultimate leak protection.


  1. wow this looks like great work. When my son gets bigger may need these if he doesnt learn how to hold his water!

  2. Wow those look great! I love the etsy ingenuity!!

  3. Very cute! I've just completed my own version of a dipe for the same reasons. DS is a HEAVY wetter too and soaked beds, clothing etc is no fun! Congrats on the new design. :D


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