Monday, April 14, 2008

Earth Day is coming up soon!

Hi, I'm new. Not new to cloth diapering (or to blogging, I'm actually a bit of an addict!), but I AM new to both Etsy and Blogger. So, here's a little bit more about me (see below).

I taught myself to sew when I was 5, and to knit when I was 12. I started making my own clothes around that time too. My crafting pursuits have spanned from origami to spinning (yes, like with a spinning wheel and drop spindle) to soap making. But I always seemed to come back to sewing.

I started cloth diapering when my first child was 12 months old, and the second child wore homemade diapers from birth. Now, those days of watching prefolds blowing in the breeze seem like a faraway memory. Of course, with my little one turning 3 in a month, 'baby-fever' is certainly in the air here in sunny Florida.

So, that's my intro.
Now, let me tell you about my Etsy store!

I'm selling diaper covers made from Malden Mills fleece and finished with snaps. This is the same design I developed for my kids after trying out a few different styles of cloth diapers.

What I really love about these is how simple they are. Plus, they dry almost instantly. Seriously, coming out of the washing machine, they are practically ready to use. And when you are busy with older children and an active baby, the last thing you want is to wait around for your favorite cover to dry.

Well my kids are clamoring to play a computer game =) so I'm going to call it a day. But remember to stop by and check out discounts/free items later this week for the Earth Day sale. I THINK I will post a few B1 G1 sales, which is sort of a humungeously good deal if you think about it.

Ciao, mamas!

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