Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet the Team - Lindsey from Baby of the Sea

 Today's interview is with Lindsey from Baby of the Sea.  Lindsey  makes absolutely GORGEOUS reusable products such as nursing pads, diaper inserts, nursing covers and pads.  Her fabrics really caught my eye as they are so incredibly beautiful and one of a kind.   

DEFINITELY check out her shop... and keep reading to discover more about another amazing Etsy Cloth Diapers mama!

Your name? Lindsey
Your store name? Baby of the Sea
Your Etsy store link?
How long have you had your store? Since summer of '11, when I finally decided to take "the plunge" and put myself out there as a professional.

What are your cd products that you sell? Tell us a bit about them. What materials you use, designs, did you design your own patterns, etc.
My shop focuses on items that can be washed and reused over again. I mainly sell hybrid diaper liners and reusable nursing pads, but on occasion make other fun items such as embroidered baby blankets, toys, and children's clothing. Like my shop name implies, I find a lot of my inspiration from the sea, using  fabrics that are breezy soft and brightly colored, adding a little bit of fun and excitement to the formerly ho-hum world of cloth diapering. I also try to use environmentally-friendly products whenever possible (recycled fabrics, organic bamboo/cotton). My favorite fabrics are those that are tropical-inspired, such as Indonesian Batiks and wild animal prints.

What made you decide to start selling x, y or z?
After testing out every cloth diaper option available I finally settled on the system that worked the best for my family. gDiapers, also known as hybrid diapers, are wonderful in that they are relatively inexpensive to buy, are easy to clean, and take up much less space in the wash since only the liners need to be washed at each change and not the entire diaper. Unfortunately, I could not use the liners that came with the diapers as my son would soak through them so quickly (he is quite the tinkle king!). As a result, I created by own diaper liners that would be able to withstand a heavy soaking without any leakage. It took a lot of experimenting with various materials but I am proud of the end result and am happy to say that I use my diaper liners every day with both of my children.

What is the best cd advice you’ve heard?
Vinegar. It's cheap, chemical-free, and probably one of the best natural ways to clean and deodorize your laundry. Just a half cup of vinegar in your laundry will clean your diapers and leave them odor-free. It's the best!

What factors made you decide to cloth diaper?
A huge amount of guilt on my part over shipping off bag after plastic bag of dirty diapers to the landfill, as well as a desire to save some money and do something for my children that I can be proud of.

It wasn't an easy adjustment. My husband wasn't into the idea of handling dirty diapers, and I felt like a huge failure each time I caved and bought a pack of disposable diapers. However, once I learned not to be so hard on myself and accept my failures as simply small bumps on the road to my goal, cloth diapering became much easier and more natural.

As a cloth diapering parent, I feel like I am making a small difference in making the earth a cleaner place for our children and it feels so good to be part of a team who shares this same desire.

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