Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All Fleeced Out!

All Fleeced Out! Is a shop run by a sweet Mama who has been a customer on etsy for years and when Virgina decided to start her own buissness, she felt etsy would be a great place to start. Her shop is focused on making fleece items. She customizes her items by adding embroidery and apliques. She also makes coordinating shirts and onsies to match her fleece longies and soakers.
Virgina loves working with fleece because it is such a versital material. As she says, "it can be used to make soakers and, sweatshirts and even hats". In her shop you can find fleece longies, shorties and soakers. She can customize your item with a matching shirt or fleece hoodie. She is even working on some new ideas for the future to include fleece wetbags.
This mama uses her daughter for her insperation. Running her shop allows her to stay at home, she also uses her daughter to test out all of her products before selling them, so feel confident knowing her products have been tested on a fluffy bum! New to fleece? Here are some words of wisdom from Virgina " Fleece isn't totally waterproof and can sometimes have compression leaks, but if the diaper underneath it is nice and absorbent, then fleece makes the perfect diaper cover! I've used it successfully at nap time and even at night. It is very breathable, and believe it or not, it even functions well in the summertime! Pul would make my daughter sweaty in the summer, but using a thin fleece soaker or shorties kept her cool"
Why shop at All Fleeced Out!? Virgina has excellent customer service and is a great mama to work with. She is dedicated to the customer and will work with you until you are completely happy. She can digitize her own embroidery and add personal apliques for a truley one of a kind, personalized product. She takes her time with each individual to ensure that you will be pleased with your purchase. She makes each custom creation with love and pours herself into her work.
Currently you can find Virgina's work on etsy, through facebook and online forums such as diaperswappers. Can't you just picture your little one in a matching set of longies and a cute would it be to have them All Fleeced Out!
Fleece Raglan Hoodie Sizes 9 and 10/12
Fleece Soaker Diaper Cover and Embroidered T-shirt Set
Newborn Fleece Longies - Breastfeeding Advocacy

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