Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Recycling Alphabet

This was a wonderful crafty art project for my 2 year old - making an alphabet from mostly recycled items (and a few craft supplies thrown in there).

I was inspired by this blog post about making books, and decided to make this into a little art project to show how fun it is to recycle! While ours isn't quite as "professional"-looking, I thought it was important to let my toddler help direct and choose materials, and glue them on the paper. I helped with all the cutting, but my toddler did the gluing.

Supplies needed:
- construction paper
- glue
- scissors
- various recycled and found materials including:

Here are some ideas of things you could use (we used most of these items!):

Natural materials: sticks, leaves, sand
Things found around the house: cotton buds, paper clips, straws, pasta, rice
Recycled materials: fabric scraps, egg cartons, packaging boxes, tissue paper, clothing hang tags, ribbons, string, twisty ties, coffee filters (used for previous art projects)
Craft materials: pipe cleaners, feathers

1. Fold the construction paper the short way, then fold in thirds. Each third will contain a letter.
2. Apply glue as needed and construct each letter
3. Allow ample time to dry

We did this alphabet in about 3 sessions, and my toddler had a LOT of fun!

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