Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Natural Stain Removing and some extra tips ...

I'm not an expert in stain removing ,but I know some great and proven tips to remove a couple of the most nastiest stains kids are leaving on their clothes that I thought to share with you :)

  • First one is PEN INK-
Did you know that you can remove fresh ink stain if you soak it in MILK!
 I guess milk's enzymes can brake ink's molecules and remove them from cloth

  •  Another great tip that always helps me is a tip for BLOOD stains
While fresh,the best way to treat a bloody stain is with SPIT-the blood almost immediately vanishes
  • LEMON juice helps remove yellow stains and serves as natural bleach 
when we where kids and didn't have the cash to go to a hair saloon,my friend used to use lemon juice to give her hair some nice sun burned blond shades :D
Hey,nothing wrong in some old good memories and that's a tip too,right :)  

And here is a widely  used trick in our home for OIL stains -did you know that common BABY POWDER  deals fantastically with any GREASY stain! Well it does-spread it on the stain,let it sit for a while and Vu a La -no oily stain there

I sure I know more trick,but they just not coming to my head right now...But since I have a little baby with her nose all plugged (hate this time of the year with all the viruses going around) I thought to share another tip with all the mamas out there-
If you are breast feeding, you already have a natural, perfect and quick cure  for little  plugged nose in you-BREAST MILK.
Use it just like you would use any nasal drops and drip it in-you'll see a relief pretty quickly  (it works every time with my precious )
P.S same ^^ trick will work for grown ups too,but a better liquid to use for adult's sinusitis is the use of
Yes,it may sound repellent ,but trust me it helps like a charm (talking from my own experience here). Baby pee is working very well with ear ache  too

I think at that note I'll wish you all a Good Health,Shinny Hair and spotless Holiday Season

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  1. The best thing I have ever found to remove a fresh or dried blood stain is hydrogen peroxide. Test in an inconspicuous place first then take a white cloth dampened with hydrogen peroxide and blot up the blood. It may take several sessions but it gets it out every time.

    My toddler got a nosebleed on our bed and the peroxide got the blood out of the quilt, sheets, mattress pad and mattress itself. Works great!


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