Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eco Tip: Printing Documents

Sometimes you just cant avoid printing large documents.  Here are some Eco Friendly printing tips!

1.  Print double sided - uses half the amount of paper + saves you 50% on your paper costs.  If your printer doesn't have double sided capabilities, print all the odd pages first, reverse their order (so page 1 is on top) put in the paper tray, and print all the even pages!

2.  Use unbleached recycled copy paper - unless you're printing off your resume, there's no need to use heavy weight, bright white paper.  You can also use your own recycled paper for personal printing - simply designate a bin for paper that has already been printed on one side, or even mostly blank on one side, collecting it from snail mailings, or when you forget to print double sided!

3.  Print Grayscale - printers will print faster grayscale than in color, also black ink/toner costs less than colored ink/toner.

4.  Change Color - Instead of setting your font to BLACK, set it to a medium gray - still easy to read, but doesn't use as much ink!

5.  Fast Print Speed - set your printer to the fastest or lowest quality print as possible - you will get faster prints, using less ink!

6.  Default Print Settings - Go into your printer settings (in Windows, under the control panel) and setup your printer to always use these eco settings!  If you need to print a quality document, you can easily change the settings from default at the time of printing!

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