Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quickie Eco Tip of the Week...

Well, this quickie tip actually came from my good friend who started me out in using cloth diapers without even trying.
If you are not so lucky or so talented as to be able to make all your own breads, you probably go through a good many bread, buns, rolls, and tortilla packages. Those flimsy little bags hardly seem worth saving, and they take so little room compressed in the garbage pail, right? Think again. Their compact nature and light weight make them perfect for tucking into a diaper bag, out-and-about bag, or even a purse. If you don't already have a travel wet bag, bread bags make great storage for wet and soiled diapers, especially the nasty ones! Tie it off tight and when you get home, just rip it apart over the diaper bin and toss the bag in the trash. One standard bread bag can hold 3-4 diapers!

Already have a great travel wet bag? Use your bread bags in the kitchen. We usually buy sandwich bread but make homemade dinner breads. Leftover rolls usually get stored in a saved bread bag. Bread bags also make great storage for things that you want to toss in the fridge for the next day, like leftover pizza. We also use them for unused portions of veggies that come in packages that must be torn off, like cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli.

I'm sure if you thought about it, you could find many other handy uses for your bread bags. Leave a few out on the counter and you might be surprised at what you do with them--just make sure they're out of reach of little one, of courses! We have recently been trying to reduce our use of ziplocks, plastic wrap, etc. and those little baggies have served lots of interesting purposes.
Do you know of any other great uses for bread bags? Let us know!

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  1. Some really good tips, we bake our bread and I've reused the bags from rolls numerous times. I'd not thought of using them as a wet bag though.


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