Friday, January 20, 2012

Making Your Own Diaper: Where to Buy Supplies

Many people ask me where I buy the materials to make my diapers. My simple answer is usually, "online."

While my absolute favorite diaper making supplies are recycled materials (flannel receiving blankets, old sheets and T-shirts, wool sweaters, etc), I do also love to have a cute PUL print, or some buttery soft Merino Wool Interlock.

Here is a quick primer of places to buy supplies online. I know this is not extensive and if anyone has other recommendations of places they love to patronize, by all means, leave a comment!

Celtic Cloths: I love their glossary of different diaper fabrics and how to use them. They carry PUL, Hemp, Bamboo, Suede Cloth, Organic Cotton, and notions such as FOE, Aplix, and size tags.

Natures Fabrics: They carry a very wide range of diaper making fabrics, but I particularly love all the different wool they have. They have the most extensive line I have seen.

Diaper Sewing Supplies: LOVE how extensive their PUL section is. I also love their wide variety of FOE colors, and Kam Snaps.

Babyville Boutique is the newest line from JoAnn Fabrics. There is a whole section in the store dedicated to diaper making. And they sell in small quantities, so if you are just starting out sewing your own diapers you can experiment and play around.

The Fabric Fairy: The have tons of cute prints on cotton knits, great for making fitted diapers. They even sell “diaper cuts."

Very Baby: Their most extensive selection is in the microfiber and terry section.

Wazoodle actually sells precut diaper making kits. This would be very helpful for a beginner. They also carry ProCare and Zorb fabrics, which are the latest “technological innovations” in diapering!

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  1. I also like to buy at Sew Many Diapers:


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