Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meet the Team-- Sheila Steggall from Soft and Scrubby

Today we meet Sheila Steggall from Soft and Scrubby. After you've read all about her, check out her Etsy store to see all the great products she carries, including: Soft and Scubby wipes, basic baby wipes, nursing pads, wool diaper covers, and makeup remover pads.

How long have you had your store? I’ve had my Etsy store since Jan 2008. I sold at other venues for a couple years before that.

What cd products do you sell? Soft and Scrubby carries two styles of baby wipes, diaper inserts and wool soakers. I also carry nursing pads and facial items. I’ve been playing around with some pocket diapers, but have not yet decided to sell them.

I mainly use 100% cotton flannel. I love choosing cute prints for my products. The wipes, inserts, nursing pads and cotton rounds are all made from my own pattern.

What made you decide to start selling your items? The first Scrubby Baby wipe was created about 9 years ago when trying to find a creative use for some older flat diapers. Unfortunately, I did not get to use them and gave them to a friend who thought they were great.
A couple of years later I finally got my new baby and used and loved the scrubby wipes!

Later I found quality birdseye, sewed super cute flannel to the front and a business was formed! The Soft and Scrubby business has been busy for almost 6 years and now includes Basic Wipes, Diaper Inserts, Nursing Pads, and Wool Soakers.

A couple years ago my mom joined in and started knitting wool soakers and shorties to add to my shop.
What is the best cd advice you’ve heard?
Sample a few styles of diapers before you purchase a lifetime worth of cloth! Chances are you’ll settle into something you never thought you’d like. If I ever have another baby I’ll probably go for some quality prefolds and wool covers! I’m thinking basic, economical, and breathable!

Tell us something about your cd experience? My first cloth diapering experience was about 39 years ago! Of course I don’t remember that because I was just a baby. Disposable diapers were just becoming common and wouldn't you know to my mom’s chagrin I was allergic to them!

My first baby wore cloth out of necessity as she also developed an allergy to paper diapers. At the time I didn’t know anything about cloth diapering except that you could by Gerber prefolds in the store and a velcro cover. I was not very impressed, but had to do what I had to do.
Later I found out about all the great options in cloth diapers and by the time my fourth child was born I was truly excited about cloth! During my pregnancy I was busy sewing him quite a stash of fitted diapers and had bought some all-in-ones, Chinese prefolds and some great covers. He was cloth diapered this time by choice and not out of necessity. We even used cloth when we were camping!

I discovered wool pants around the time my son was potty training. We never got to use them over diapers but were so pleased with how well they worked at night with cotton training pants. I never again had to get up in the night to change wet sheets.

And now my oldest daughter and her husband have made the cloth choice also. When I get a sufficient stack of pocket diapers made for them I may just make some for my shop.

at makes your products stand out? I really enjoy choosing cute prints, matching the thread, and making sure everything that goes out in the mail is something that I would want to receive if I were a customer. Most of what I make, I originally made because it filled a need in
my family.

What is your favorite item to make? My favorite item to make is anything custom! I love to work with my customers to make something just for them. I’m always open to changes in size, shape, color or print. I’ve made dolly wipes, dolly dipes, facial tissues, cleaning cloths, rectangular inserts for gdiapers and even up-cycled some receiving blankets all because customers requested them. I started making make-up remover pads when a customer saw my nursing pads and wanted to know if I could make something small for using with face cleanser!

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