Sunday, January 8, 2012

my super basic cloth wipes routine

Just like my diaper routine, my wipes routine is very basic, so I thought I would share, just in case any one needs a little demystifying in this area.

We have just used cheap one ply serged baby wash cloths, but there are so many adorable options available on Etsy these days. These are just some of my favorites that came up searching "etsyclothdiaper wipes".

sweet bobbins has cute flannel prints backed with soft organic bamboo velour. I love these robots for my boys, and these owls for my girl on the way.

just2cuteaccessories has a starter set of 30 for a great price at $25.50, and with two layers of flannel they should still be thin enough to clean in all those little creases.

Since I love my single ply wipes I'd probably go for these organic cotton fleece ones by MamaJodiapersandpads, and at $18.95 for 40 you can't beat the price.
I think it would be so much fun to dye them with the kids.

We like the Parent's Choice (WalMart brand) boxes best because the hole in the lid is big enough to get your whole hand in and pull out a cloth wipe.

Out of the wash I fold all of the wipes in half. We have acquired more and more because we use them for everything. 4 dozen or so is great, but you can get by with a lot less. You can stack the wipes in two boxes.

Then go to the sink and with the wipes set aside on the lid fill the box to just above the little line in the bottom, maybe 3/4" and push the wipes down on it, then pull them out and repeat, this time sitting the dry side downward. You will get the hang of how much water you need for different sized stacks of wipes. If you get the top and the bottom of the stack saturated the middle will be wet by the time you get to them.

I like the idea of just leaving pure water on the boys' bums, but sometimes I wonder if it gets them clean enough. We registered for some soap bits from wee essentials. This is the easiest method to fit into our routine I think, and she has lots of delicious fragrances. I will just heat the water in the micro and dissolve a cube in it before adding it to the wipes container.

Just wet one box at a time and then when you run out switch to the other one. Having two boxes helps though if you don't wash your whole stash every time, so you have a place to stack clean dry ones when one box has wet ones still in it.

Many people think using cloth wipes will be more work. I did at first, but it is really so much easier. We grabbed some of the boys cheap wipes when we ran out of disposables one day, and my husband who helps with rinsing the dirties, requested we switch full time. Now there's nothing stinky to throw in the trash. We just leave the wipes in the dirty diaper like you would with a disposable, and throw them in the wash with everything else. I find myself using clean ones for just about any mess. It is just so convenient to have a box of wet rags every where we go.


  1. We keep our water/wipe solution in a disposable wipes box too, but we just keep the dry wipes stacked next to it. When it's time to wipe we just dunk and squeeze. We have a great big stack of mamajo's wipes. They are great.

  2. I love cloth wipes! I use double layer... flannel and cotton terry on the reverse. They are super thick, and super absorbent. I have them in my shop on Etsy!

    I keep the dry wipes in a basket on the changing table, and use foaming wipe solution to squirt directly onto dirty bums. My solution is water, liquid glycerin, and Dr. Bronner's lavender soap in a foaming soap dispenser. Works fantastic!

  3. I also have a foaming soap solution by my wipes stack made up with Wee Essentials cubes.

  4. I Love my cloth wipes I use them as wipes Just like the picture above, But my Older kids , Teens have their own in their bathrooms for removing make up or washing faces, (one of my daughter thought of a Great idea that then started us making facial scrubbies) I also keep them in my purse they are great little nose hankies. Best of all no chemicals !
    all available in my shop too.

  5. baby Diaper are realy good but many companies are making diapers of bad quality not making it instead of thinking about babies comfort just for their benefit .


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