Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eco Tip: Extending the Lifecycle of Diapers

Yes, cloth diapers are Earth friendly. But you can extend the life of your diapers to make them even more Earth friendly. How?

It starts by taking good care of your diapers while you're using them. Don't let them sit around for too long between washings. Wash them carefully. Dry on a line. Avoid bleach.

Despite your best efforts, though, your diapers will eventually wear out. What can you do with them then?

If you've wisely chosen diapers with all natural fibers, you have a lot of options! Diapers with a PUL layer sewn in, or microfleece or suedecloth have fewer options, but can still be put to other uses.

- Mama pads. If you know how to sew, turn those used dipes into reusable menstrual pads for yourself.

- Boosters or inserts for cloth diapers. Cut out the absorbent inner part of the diaper, finish the edges, and you've got yourself a super thrifty diaper booster.

- Rags. Flat and prefold diapers work best as rags, but fitted diapers, or the cotton parts of AIOs can be used, as well. I find it easiest to trim out the elastic and fastener portions, and just use what's left.

- Wipes. Again, flat and prefold diapers work best for wipes, but you can cut useable squares out of fitteds and AIOs, too.

- Bedding. We've used old diapers for bedding for animals.

- Compost. All-cotton diapers can be thrown into your compost pile. They'll break down and help fertilize your garden!

Sarah Reid, owner of Wallypop and Boulevard Designs

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  1. Starts with taking care of the diapers. I agree with this because if you know how to use them properly, you can surely restore them for like a lot of years. Thanks for the thoughts.


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