Sunday, September 23, 2012

Economy of food - also one of kind as to save the nature. 

You must not to eat organic products for to save nature. You can also economy energies of world and nature if you eat economical and think about how you shop, make and eat and left after more less food wastes. 

In different countries people have different eating habits and also use different products. I will try to give the advices  for all, but may be there can be something strange for you. 

In the first - shopping. Some advices how to bye real amount of products not more as you and your family need in daily. 
  • always make list of product what you need and buy only listed products
  • make shopping as seldom as possible, once per week or rarely.
  • you can make full one week menu for your family before shopping, it will help you to avoid for buying products what you do not need so more. 
  •  have a good meal before shop going, if you will feel a hunger you can buy more as you need in real.
  • avoid of buying semi products, as you save your money and give chance for your family eat real homemade meal.
Meal making, eating and where to use the remaining products
  • try to made all food at home, do not use semi products. 
  •  use the true size pots and dishes, not bigger or smaller as you need. 
  • do not make the heat more as you need, 
  • open water tap only when you need water
  •  do not use more dishes as you need in reality 
  • after eating hold the remaining meal in refrigerator for the next day.   

Some recommendations for food economy:

When you make the roast meet in the pan do not pour out the broth what keeps in the pan, it can be good additive to sauce or soup. You can keep them to pot in refrigerator some days. 

You can make good snacks for  stale bread. Cut bread in small pieces, roast them in the oven. After you can blind then with grated hard cheese o garlic. You can flour the stale bread and you get very nice breading for meet. 

You can use also sour milk. If you see  your milk get sour, you can made pancakes. 

And do not play with food and do not allow it for your children. 

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