Saturday, September 1, 2012

Make Your Own Beeswax Lipbalm

By Clarissa C. GreenBeansDiapers

I have a friend that makes this in her spare time with surplus wax from her hive. (Here's your shout out Desiree!) I have often considered making it myself, but have never found the time to getting around to it. BUT, I have found a few recipes and links for those of you that budget your time better than I do!

If you don't keep bees yourself, you can find some beeswax for purchase from Etsy, or perhaps at your local farmers market. There are beekeeping clubs all over, you can find one near you by searching online and contact someone to purchase your wax locally directly for the apiary or beekeeper. Most of the other ingredients can also be purchased on Etsy or through your local healthfood store or whole foods market. (pictured right is my husband removing wax cappings from a frame of honey, we save the cappings)

Here is the first recipe which I find to be very simple and straight forward. Do heed the advice to heat on low temp as too high of a temperature can break down your wax somewhat, darken it's color or make it crumbly.

Makes about 25 - .15 oz tubes

1.5 ozs of beeswax pearls
1 oz of coconut oil (76°, virgin or fractionated)
0.8 ozs of sunflower oil
0.3 ozs of lanolin
10 - 20 drops of tocopherols (Vit. E oil)
10 drops of rosemary oil extract
peppermint essential oil (add to your liking)

Melt all the ingredients over very low heat except for the peppermint oil.  Remove when heated through and than add the peppermint oil.  Pour into lip balm tubes, let harden, label and seal.

Here is another recipe with video too!

You can also substitute your own essential oils if you would like to change the flavor/scent. I like caledula oil and it's very good for the skin!

Here are some of my favorite lip balm tubes! Biodegradable when you are done with them.

Here are some EtsyClothDiaperTeam shops where you can purchase ingredients for to make this yourself:

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