Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eco Tip of the Day

Written by Christine from Fancy Cloth Baby

Go Green. Go Cold!
 Washing 90% of laundry can be washed using just COLD water, which says a ton of energy and money!

What about cloth diapers? ..

 The water in our washing machines doesn't get hot enough to kill germs or bacteria. The water temperature must be at least 120 degrees to start killing anything and boiling point (212F) to actually sanitize. I have started to use cold water with my washing most of clothing even my cloth diapers and it is doing just fine. Give it a try, you will see a difference in your bills AND your diapers will still be sparkling clean. Give it a try!

You will also be making a great change to the environment (for the better)!!!

Other things you can do to save energy during cloth diaper laundry
+Line dry often!

Mind blowing FACTS

"Washing every load on the hot/warm cycle (in a top loading machine and an electric water heater) for a year is equivalent to burning about 182 gallons of gasoline in a car; in an average (19.8 miles per gallon) car, that'll get you around 3595 miles. So, wash in hot/warm, or drive almost 3600 miles -- same difference." If you are using a gas water heater the numbers are lower "If you've got a gas water heater, the news is a little greener. You're looking at 3.22 pounds of CO2 per load, which translates to just over 3 miles in a car; add that up over an average year's worth of washing, and you're looking at just over 1288 miles in a car or about 1262 pounds of CO2, or most of the way from New York City to London by airplane."

 To see article from Treehugger dot com click here..they will give you a ton more reasons to try!

Hope to see you at my shop soon!!!!! Happy Cloth Diapering!

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  1. Great article, very informative. Who would have thought something so simple could save so much energy and money!


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