Friday, September 14, 2012

Linen fabric in the cloth diapering

Linen fabric is very old and maybe one of the oldest fabric what is known in the world. It was used in ancient times and many centuries people use linen in bedsheets, clothes and also the diapers was made from linen. Now where we use cotton people used linen in early times.  Very popular linen was in Western Europe until the Second World War.                

Advantages of linen:
  • fully natural fiber
  • very durable and strong, long or wear out
  • can be washed also in high temperatures
  • very good attach color if you need dyed them
  • very nice fabric for summer.

Linen is cold by touches and very suitable in warm summer day. Linen absorbance is similar to cotton, but this fabric is needed for prepare before use. When you buy linen in the shop you can see their texture is similar to silk and you think what this fabric can be absorbent? But you need to make some options and you get very soft and very comfortable fabric for your diaper needs.

Put this fabric on cold water and soak them to about 24 hours. After soaking wash fabric twice in your washing machine at 60 ÂșC , dry flat. Now you can start sew. You can sew almost all garment of diapering and personal things, but there is the some properties what you can consider.

Linen have silky texture and it is sliding. Often linen is called - northern silk. If you want use this fabric for nursing pads and mom pads I recommend to use for outer layer cotton so the pads stays on place. Yet if you sew prefold diapers, pins is more suitable for closer. It is very hard to use snappy in this fabric. This fabric is very nice for fitted diapers.You need use about 6-8 layers for normal absorbance. This fabric absorb moisture but do not  friction and is very soft and suitable for your baby skin. 

Do not iron linen diapers because ironing decrease the absorbance of diapers. But if you need to iron the best result you get when linen fabric is wet. It is very hard to iron dry linen fabric.

Post by Laila from Tipu Tap


  1. Great post! I never thought about using linen for cloth diapers before, but it makes sense since it would have been one of the few readily available fabrics of the past!

  2. Linen is just awesome.Anything made by linen is just excellent.To me this is one of the best fabrics coz it is antibacterial, anti allergic & wid lots of other speciality also.I use to buy linen from Linen Club - a brand by Aditya Birla Group.


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