Friday, October 7, 2011

Indoor Line Drying and Stains

Fridays are Cloth diaper Info days.  Yay!  But what does it mean ?  Each Friday a member of the Etsy Cloth Diapers team will share tips and infos about cloth diapering.

And today we start with : Indoor line drying.

Why ?  Because not everybody likes/want/can machine dry their diapers, for many reasons.  Usually for them, line drying or rack drying is the obvious choice.

 That's is where I, Marie-Aude from Colibi Créations, have a problem.  I live in Canada, where half the year the weather is not exactly appropriate for outdoor line drying.  It gets even worse when the said person works full time and only do laundry when the sun has set...  And in winter, it means 5 PM.

When I was in my first maternity leave in 2007  ( my son will be 4yo in a few days!), I was scared to use the dryer for my son's diapers, and I had a little drying rack.  It went well, until stains began to bother me. 

Then I had the IDEA:  window drying !  I would use clothespins to hang stained diapers to my curtains, in my most exposed to the sun windows.

Clothespin, diaper, curtain and a sun exposed window, that's all you need!
I must admit if the said window is facing the street, it can look weird a little bit...  And if one day you don't find a diaper you need, look  behind your curtains.  I had the bad habit to forget I hat put diapers to dry and de-stain.

Does it work ?  Yes it does, but it can take more time to dry and get the stains off in snowy January than sunny July.

If satin are not an issue, but you like to reduce machine drying time, or you still have a few diapers not entirely dry, here is an other money wise option:

Clothes hangers with clips!  !

Kids cloth hangers!  We always have too many of them at home!  Very practical.  Each hanger can hold 2 items, one per clip.  I usually hang them on hooks or wherever  I can in my smallish laundry room.

Not only for diapers, but also for trainers, cloth pads ( there is one in the far right of the picture)

That way I must admit it is less visible for the neighbours, and they are still easy to see for me :)

That's all for today:)

P.S. : Sorry for the bad lighting.  I do prepare my blog articles at night, and the light in the laundry room would NOT cooperate today...

P.S. 2 : See you tomorrow!  I'll share with you one of my favorite recipe.  Something yummy, a dessert.


  1. Great tips! Love hanging them in the window :) We have electric heat so I used to hang them on the rack and set it by the heater - they'd dry in no time.

  2. I don't know how many times I hung diapers on hangers with the clips when my girls were in cloth! Did it lots because of the off and on rain we get.


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