Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday is... recipe day! Fall means apple and apples mean... Apple pie

I really love apple pie. 

A few years ago, we went picking apple to the orchard, and we ended up with 2 crates full.  Then I went to my mother and asked her for recipes.  We went through an old cookbook of french Canadian cuisine, by Jehanne Benoît, and found what became my favorite apple pie ever.

The Hungarian Apple Pie  ( The changes I usually make are in parenthesis, color AND OPTIONNAL)

For One pie, you'll need :
Here's what the original recipe should look
  • 4 apples, peeled and cut in medium slices (My favourite are the REDFREE apples)
  • 1/4 CUP sugar
  • 1TSP cinnamon
  • 1 uncooked pie crust ( 1 more if you want to cover  it)
Put the apples in the pie crust , and sprinkle with the sugar and cinnamon. ( I usually mix apples/sugar/cinnamon in a bowl before putting  them in the crust)

In a bowl, mix together until crumbly:
  • 3/4 CUP flour
  • 1/2 CUP sugar
  • 1/4 CUP Butter ( I use margarine)
And put this mix over the apples to cover it.  ( Here I cover it with  a regular pie dough top, make holes and put some milk or egg on it to have a golden crust.  That way, when you re-heat it, the hidden mix gets even more yummy.)

Cook 40 minutes at 350 degrees.

Can be prepared in advance and frozen uncooked OR cooked, as you wish.  Perfect for impromptu guests!

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