Monday, October 10, 2011

Meet the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team: Candice from Wee Essentials

Candice has been selling on Etsy for a little over 3 years, at Wee Essentials. Candice first started selling soap at craft shows and needed something to do with the extra soap that was left over. "I had heard of soap bits and decided to make some. I decided to put them on Etsy to 'fill up' my store - only to find out they were very popular! I tweaked my recipe until I found what I think are the perfect recipe for wipe solution cubes."

There is a wide variety of cloth diapering products at Candice's store: Wee Essentials, including wipe solution cubes, cloth wipes, wet bags and cloth diapers. Candice uses PUL as a waterproof material but almost all her other materials are from natural sources - including cotton and bamboo. "It's important to me that my products not only be reusable and eco-friendly, but that they are the highest quality possible, so the fabrics I choose allow me to create the best value in a product."

Candice started cloth diapering when her oldest was 18 months. She has since cloth diapered her second and now third child, who is still in diapers. Originally encouraged by financial reasons, Candice tries to live simply and thoughtfully and finds cloth diapering a perfect fit for her lifestyle.

Candice's cloth diapering advice for newbies is to try out many different styles and brands of cloth diapers before investing in one. "If your cloth diapers don't work for you child, you won't want to stick with it. Find a brand or two that works well and stock up on those. Better yet, find a brand or two from small businesses run by work-at-home moms! When you can put any diaper in your stash on your child and feel happy about it, they call that 'diaper nirvana'!"

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