Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review of Kailyn, the creator of Spotty Dog Crochet on Etsy

Recently I got to talk to a very special mom named Kailyn. Kailyn is the creative director behind Spotty Dog Crochet on Etsy. She is a valuable member of the Etsy Cloth Diaper team. Kailyn's main craft is crochet. She makes beautiful items. Go take a look at her shop.

Here is a couple pictures I borrowed from Kailyn to show case her art!
A beautiful red and blue set of wool Longies, I just want to eat them up. They are so cool looking!
and a sweet ruffled wool soaker, perfect for that princess in your life!

So now I am on to the questions, here are a couple of the questions I asked Kailyn and her perfect responses! Take a look at her shop when you are done, you will have your mind blown on how cool her art is.

How did you get started on Etsy?
I had some friends who were using Etsy, mostly as buyers, and they suggested I check it out. I started selling on Etsy but it took me a couple years to start really getting the hang of it. Now, I am working for a temp agency and focusing almost entirely on my shop / craft fairs.

What makes your products unique?
Almost all of my items are my own patterns that I have worked hard to design. Also, I strongly encourage my buyers to customize their orders with me. I love to make items that have been "designed" by the customer.

Do you also sell your products locally in your community (craft fairs, consignment stores, etc)?
I just started selling at craft fairs. My first one was small but I managed a few sales. My second one is coming up in November and it should be much larger. I am enjoying getting started on craft fairs, its a great way to connect with potential customers.
What would somebody who is totally new to cloth diapering need to know about your product(s)?
The products that I make for cloth diapers are wool soakers and wool longies (pants). I started making these for family members (they asked me to try it out) and they have become my biggest selling items. Wool is an amazing fiber that is absorbent, dries quickly and has anti-bacterial qualities.

What is your inspiration or passion behind the type of product you make?
Because I make my own patterns, each of my items becomes a piece of me. I love to try new things and am constantly mixing things up, just to see how it comes out.
What is your favorite item you sell?
My favorite item to sell is my Wool Soaker. They are fun to make and can be made in so many color combinations and styles. Recently I made one with a little skirt around it and I just got an order for one with little ruffles across the back that I can't wait to start on.
Why choose your product?
Choose my product because it is 100% customizable. You can choose the colors, the type of yarn, the style, everything! I love making new things and am happy to try whatever ideas you have. I take my work very seriously, and can get the majority of my orders out within a week.

Don't forget to look at Kailyn's shop and possibly buy something.

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